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SK Monde Consulting is founded by digital natives with backgrounds in business and engineering. Our mission is to make digital solutions accessible to every small business by providing future-proof digital marketing strategies, data analysis, and web3 solutions, equipping businesses for the digital age dominated by Gen Z and millennials. Our ultimate goal is to create a synergy between the traditional and the futuristic, merging business with technology, and reconnect the East with the West.

Our expertise is grounded in a deep understanding of the digital economy. We possess not only extensive knowledge in digital commerce, cloud technology, financial services, fintech, and web3 technology, but we also have practical experience in these domains across various regions.

Our Team

Sheng Wu


With a dual Master's degree in Business Economics and Management from Belgium, and a passion for digital marketing and tech, Sheng has always been driven to create and innovate. Her diverse professional experience includes roles at a multinational corporation and various SMEs, where she collaborated with numerous companies in different sectors on cross-border expansion.


In 2023, she moved back to Asia and co-founded SK Monde Consulting to help businesses and people reconnect internationally. Having lived in multiple cities across Europe and Asia, she adapts quickly to changing environments and easily connects with people from diverse backgrounds.

Kai Zhang


Kai holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from KU Leuven and an EMA in Chinese Economy from Fudan University. 

His experience as a solution architect for various Big Tech companies and tech startups, have enriched him with extensive expertise in Tech Consulting. 

Kai specializes in Data Analytics, AI & Machine Learning, as well as Web3 & Blockchain Technology. He excels in simplifying complex technical topics for high-level business stakeholders, effectively bridging between business and IT. This enables him to bring substantial technological insights to our clients at SK Monde Consulting.

Our Approach

One size fits nothing at all. We will dive deep into your

business goals, your brand, and your positioning to provide

a custom solution tailored to your business use-case.


Our solutions use the latest cutting-edge data stack and

toolings. Our reports and insights always rely on extensive

data analysis and latest market research.


Build new experiences and reimagine old processes with

ML & Web3. We develop cutting-edge solutions to help

you adapt to the fast evolving digital landscape.

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